The demand for content is constant, so my body of work is pretty colorful: cloud computing, rehab facilities, pet supplies, marketing agencies, smart waste, and staffing companies… I write it all.

Out of respect for clients, materials below are distinctly public-facing.

Why are these samples in a PDF format?
Great question. Most of my work is digital, and clients often
change their websites. Instead of chasing broken links, I keep PDF versions.

Don’t worry, I’ll never ask you for any contact info.

2022 Global RepTrak 100

2022 Tech Report

The Ultimate Reputation Guide

The Ultimate ESG Guide

There’s a difference between your brand… and your employer brand

How JLT Trucking used 2020 (and Enevo tech) to prepare for 2021

Ledgent Salary Guide

What waste data is telling us about COVID-19

What Newcastle’s waste data told us about COVID-19

2017’s New marijuana laws: Tips for California employers

How does divorce mediation work?

Opiate Epidemic Orange County

The transition to dynamic: A chat with JLT Trucking

Gen Whenever

Hired, tired, & fired: Referring your way to lower turnover

Leadership & Culture: Are your leaders doing enough?

Marketing lessons from the insane clown posse

What’s taking so long? How to speed up your hiring process

How our tech suite reduced collections by 61% for a cleaner, greener campus at a top university

Over the counter drug abuse by teens and young adults